The Beginning of Safe Footpaths

Safe Footpaths are a privately owned Australian business established by Nick Hooper and Andrew Earles. Our goal is to Significantly raise the standard of trip hazard inspections, reports and repairs in Australia and have lived up to this to date. We provide you with the data and expertise to stretch your budget, reduce liability, improve safety and bring your properties into DDA compliance.
Nick’s background is in property maintenance and having used grinding machines with very unsatisfactory results, Nick discovered an improved method which is the slicing technique (patented) we adopt today.
Since Andrew and Nick commenced operations in 2015, Safe Footpaths have inspected and repaired thousands of kilometers of footpaths and pedestrian common areas. The company has grown to a team of 20+ committed staff servicing an impressive client base.
We would love to share some of our fantastic client feedback and discuss how we can assist you to ensure your properties become compliant and trip hazard free while working within your budget parameters. Feel free to reach out to Nick and Andrew directly. We love to listen!

Nick +61 406 333 350 nick@safefootpaths.com.au
Andrew +61 455 061 387 andrew@safefootpaths.com.au