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Significantly Raising the Standards of Trip Hazard Repairs

Safe Footpaths is a privately owned Australian business founded by Nick Hooper and Andrew Earles.

Our mission is to continue to raise the standard of trip hazard inspections, reports and repairs in Australia. We are proud of the positive impact we have delivered to many organisations, communities & pedestrians through undertaking tens of thousands of trip hazard repairs and counting!

Since Nick and Andrew commenced operation in 2015, Safe Footpaths have grown from a two-man operation to a team of 20+ committed staff. Our Trip Hazard specialists provide outstanding services to an impressive client base across Australia.

In a nutshell, we provide you with the expertise to reduce liability, improve safety and bring your paths and common areas into a DDA-compliant state, all while saving you money!

What does ‘DDA-compliant’ mean?

The Australian DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) means that it is against the law for a public space to be inaccessible to disabled people, which includes public footpaths and sidewalks.

When Safe Footpaths undertake your trip hazard repairs, you can be sure that the end finish is DDA-compliant.

DDA-compliant areas are achieved when, amongst other factors:

  • There is easy access to public areas.
  • Footpaths allow easy passage for everyone.
  • Trip hazards are eliminated from existing footpaths and sidewalks.

How does Safe Footpaths beat the competition?

The ‘slicing’ method we use to level out uneven surfaces was born after Nick’s experience in property maintenance with the inferior grinding machine technique. We find that our approach is quicker, cleaner and results in a more pristine footpath.

Since starting work in 2015, Safe Footpaths has repaired 1000s of kilometres of footpaths and other pedestrianised external areas. We now have 20+ fully-trained staff spanning Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Reach out directly to Nick and Andrew to discuss how we can modify your footpath to be free from trip hazards and DDA-compliant in a way that matches your budget.

Nick +61 406 333 350 nick@safefootpaths.com.au

Andrew +61 455 061 387 andrew@safefootpaths.com.au

Based in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and servicing all of Australia

If you have questions or would like to a free consultation, please complete the brief form on our contact page.