Trip Hazard
Inspections Australia

We don’t just undertake repairs, we inspect and provide reports too. Safe Footpaths are a path and external surface asset management company. We provide our clients with industry-leading Trip Hazard inspection data developed with our proprietary software.

But our annual OHS and safety report includes trip hazards, so why would we need Safe Footpaths to inspect trip hazards only?

Clients who work with us quickly see the massive difference in footpath safety real improvements through partnering with specialists. Clients often tell us their general safety audit identified 1 or 2 trip hazards when actually there are 50+ onsite that our trained inspectors pick up.

If you are serious about trip hazard improvements and community safety, our expert approach is the best way forward.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is my preferred approach. I am concerned your trip hazard inspection specialists may find too many hazards, and we can’t afford to repair them.

Surprisingly this is a more common attitude than you would think. We are all about raising awareness and providing you with transparent data, so you have an accurate understanding of the state of your paths.

It is very important to note we never expect you to repair all hazards. We simply provide you with options to suit various budgets. As per DDA regulations, compliance is achieved when footpaths allow easy passage for everyone.

We help you work towards becoming compliant with a staged approach, and within any budget restrictions, you may have.

Do your inspectors hold working with children cards and police checks?

Definitely. These checks are standard for onboarding of all our inspectors and repair crew we are happy to provide this documentation to you whenever required

Is your inspection data flexible?

For sure. We can present your inspection data in whichever way/format you like. Do you have a GIS (Geographic Information System) related to your external area? If so, we can integrate. If not, we can simply provide a standalone inspection report.

Based in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane and servicing all of Australia

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