Earthquakes & Trip Hazards
Who would have thoguht this was a thing in Australia?!

Jeepers, that was a bit of a gnarly shake in Melbourne (and further afield too) recently! We are grateful there were no injuries and also grateful for a different news headline other than COVID or protests etc!

As you know footpath trip hazards are typically caused by reactive ground movement, tree roots, change in seasons and poor prior prep work etc.

However earthquakes are not something we have to think of much here in Australia, but they do cause large amounts of trip hazards. A few years back I had seen first hand the amount of trip hazards earthquakes are a major cause of in San Francisco. It really was mind blowing!

San Fran

*A couple of photos above of some San Francisco Trip Hazards

Since this recent rattle in Melbourne our team have also seen a bunch of new hazards appear at our current project sites. Many of our clients are already reaching out to us to remedy trip hazards as a result of the shake.


*Here's a before and after photo of a hazard we repaired in Abbotsford, VIC the day after the recent earthquake. This didn't exist before the earthquake.

*Some immediate damage of the recent Melbourne Earthquake

Now could be a good time for you to also get us to undertake a specialised external trip hazard inspection and report on your surfaces whether that’s a council, school campus, shopping centre or retirement village etc. You will receive a great overview (including the impact of the earthquake if any) on the condition of your external surfaces. This allows you to make data driven decisions in regards to a maintenance approach that aligns with your organisational goals.

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